Whether coaching individuals, offering public workshops, or consulting with groups and organizations, PATRICIA DAY WILLIAMS is known for her ability to FACILITATE DEEP TRANSFORMATIVE CHANGES in the service of a better world. Her background as a former physician and midwife combined with her extensive training in organization development, group dynamics, Eastern and Western psychology, mindfulness and mind-body techniques give her an unusually rich mix of approaches. People often say that their work with Patricia has been one of the most impactful learning experiences of their life.

IN ADDITION TO HER INDEPENDENT WORK, she serves as Dean for the Human Interaction Laboratory offered by NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science and is on the faculty of American University’s Key Executive Leadership Programs. As a Senior Associate of Otto Kroeger Associates, she is known for her expertise in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a personality tool based on the work of Carl Jung. In association with Sacred Centers, she leads workshops on chakra psychology.

PATRICIA’S STYLE IS FLEXIBLE AND COLLABORATIVE, with an approach designed to address the client’s particular needs. She brings energy, clarity, a sense of humor and the highest standard of quality to her work. She is committed to working with the client in such a way that progress continues long after her work with the client has concluded.

A GRADUATE OF YALE UNIVERSITY AND HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL, she is the author of numerous publications, including the guidebook Self Awareness, published by NTL Institute.

"Thanks for facilitating a very productive retreat for Parkview Health System. I cannot recall a retreat accomplishing as much in one day before."
Frank Byrne, M.D., Vice President, Parkview Hospital, Fort Wayne, IN

"She is a remarkably good listener, a very insightful observer, as well as a ‘master’ at offering constructive feedback and suggestions."
Coaching Client

"I can truly say that my experience has had more of an impact on my professional life than any other training that I had ever attended in the past."
Participant, NTL Institute Human Interaction Laboratory

Public Workshops

Patricia staffs the following public workshops offered at various locations throughout the US:

Human Interaction Laboratory and other programs
NTL Institute
Metro DC area
Offered in various locations throughout the year

Chief Resident Leadership Development Program
Rutgers Medical School
New Brunswick, NJ
Offered annually in May

Winter Adventure
Eastern Cooperative Recreation School
Painted Post, NY
Offered annually December 27 - January 1

Organization Development

  - a recent or needed change in the organization or its environment
- desire for clarity about goals and priorities, decision making procedures, and/or distribution of responsibilities
- a need for management and leadership development
- a need for better teamwork and/or community building.

  - organizational diagnosis and framing
- management and leadership training
- staff and board development
- team building
- advancing diversity, equity and inclusion
- strategic planning and change management
- system-wide interventions such as appreciative inquiry and open search methods.

WHETHER BUILDING A NEW TEAM using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or consulting on a long-term system-wide change, Patricia’s approach is to engage the client group from the outset in the content and design of the work. This approach ensures real, enduring results. Examples of selected consultations are included in her C.V.

"The consultation was an extremely valuable experience ... and we were very pleased with the expert way in which the process was handled."
James M. Jones, Ph.D., Executive Director, Public Interest Directorate, American Psychological Association, Washington, DC

"Personally, I, too, was very impressed with the way you presented the Myers-Briggs information and how much more helpful it was now than it had been in previous sessions with other facilitators."
Ann McKinstry, W. K. Kellogg Foundation, Battle Creek, MI

"I just want you to know how positive both the evals and the ‘buzz’ were from your session. Folks were totally engaged and had fun along the way."
Mark McCandlish, Organization Development Manager, Baystate Health System, Springfield, MA

"It is hard to imagine having had a better facilitator..."
Colleen Caleb, U.S. Military HIV Research Program


INDIVIDUALS AND ORGANIZATIONS FREQUENTLY CONTRACT with Patricia for personal/professional coaching. Coaching can be done in person or virtually. The appropriate interval and duration of the sessions are determined with the client’s needs in mind. Individual clients say:

"I feel like I’ve re-centered myself. I’m also making conscious changes."

"You have been a gracious gift in my life. You have given me insight, ideas and energy."

"When difficult interactions come up, I feel like I can deal with those."


"I have attended all workshops and this one is the best overall so far. Patricia is excellent."

"Wonderful job, voice of experience, holistic, comfortable."

Community Building

PATRICIA HAS AN UNUSUAL ABILITY TO BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER and create a sense of community. One way in which she does this is by integrating singing, international folk dancing, informal dramatics and cooperative games into her work with individuals and groups.

SETTINGS INCLUDE workshops, retreats, professional meetings, celebrations and other group events. Patricia also teaches regularly at various international folk dance groups and chapters of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.

SHE HAS THREE QUALITIES that make her uniquely gifted at creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere: talent, expertise in group dynamics, and the desire to make a difference. Even reluctant beginners find her instructions to be simple and clear, her enthusiasm infectious.

"Patricia displays the confidence and poise of an established ECRS [Eastern Cooperative Recreation School] leader. She sets a positive tone... She prepares thoroughly and times her program appropriately. She is flexible for changing circumstances."
Kim Neubauer, Leadership Development Committee, ECRS

"Everyone enjoyed the fun way you engaged each of them. Thank you for the fantastic job."
Ann McKinstry, W. K. Kellogg Foundation

"I have great appreciation for the detailed teaching, styling, pronunciation and history of dances you presented to us…this weekend, not to mention your contagious enthusiasm. Yay!"
Participant, International Dance Workshop, Susquehanna Folk Music Society, Harrisburg, PA

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