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Organization Development Certificate
NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science, Alexandria, VA

Family Practice Residency Program, Years 2 and 3
Central Maine Medical Center, Lewiston, ME

Family Practice Residency Program, Year 1
Residency Program in Social Medicine, Montefiore Hospital and Medical Center, The Bronx, NY

Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

B.A. cum laude, Distinction in English
Yale University, New Haven, CT

Summer Program
Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

Other Professional Training (Selected):

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Master Practitioner Certification

Bar-On EQi (Emotional Quotient Inventory) Certification

Lominger Voices 360°

Skillscope and KEYS Certification, Center for Creative Leadership

Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator (PMAI) Certification

Your Coach Certification

Yoga Teacher Certification

Chakra Instruction Certification

Drexler-Sibbet-Forrester Team Performance System

Women's Leadership Collaboration

Power Equity Workshop

Mountaintop Institute Professional Development Program in Cultural Diversity

Current Professional Work:

Founder and Principal, Patricia Day Williams & Associates (1989-present)
Work focuses on personal and leadership development, team building and diversity management, strategic planning and managing change.

Faculty, American University (1998-present)
Currently teaching in the Key Executive Leadership Programs.

Senior Associate, Otto Kroeger Associates (OKA) (1997-present)
OKA is a national training organization that offers professionals the Qualifying Workshop and advanced training in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Professional Member Emerita, NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science (1994-present)
NTL/National Training Labs is known worldwide for training, consultation and research in human interaction and organization development.

Consultations (Selected):

APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY: Technical College - Applied methodology for strategic planning process involving administrators, teachers, non-teaching staff, students, and local employers.

BOARD DEVELOPMENT: Land Trust - Facilitation of strategic planning session for board and staff. Continued consultation with Executive Director on board development and regional partnering.

COACHING: National Institutes of Health - Leadership coaching of senior and mid-level managers and team leaders.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION: State Department of Labor - Facilitation of conflict resolution and action planning between internal divisions and external agencies.

CONSENSUS FACILITATION: State Department of Human Services - Facilitation of committee representing local, regional, state and Native American government, private agencies, and consumers, to achieve consensus on family support services.

CROSS-CULTURAL CAPACITY-BUILDING: Adult Education Coalition - Design and delivery of training in understanding and meeting the needs of Somali immigrants.

CULTURE CHANGE: Worldwide Foundation - Design and facilitation of team building sessions as part of organization-wide effort to break down silos and become a team-based culture. Co-designer of foundation's team learning website.

CURRICULUM DESIGN: State University - Co-designer and core faculty member of Health Care Management Certificate Program.

DIVERSITY WORK: Not-for-profit Educational Organization - Two-day staff retreat to address internal issues including organizational culture, race and gender diversity, and management structure.

EXECUTIVE CONSULTATION: State Department of Mental Health Services - Consultation with Commissioner and Executive Management Team on internal restructuring, team building, and planning and implementation of state-wide reorganization of services.

LEADERSHIP TRAINING: National Institutes of Health - Co-designed and teach a cohort-based leadership development program for emerging leaders. Program includes experiential learning, coaching, and involvement of supervisors and mentors.

MERGER FACILITATION: Tertiary Allopathic Medical Center and Osteopathic Community Hospital - Design and presentation of training on managing culture change for entire management staffs of both institutions, in preparation for institutional merger.

ORGANIZATIONAL RESTRUCTURING: State Department of Labor - Consultation on organizational restructuring of Information Processing division.

RETREAT FACILITATION: Federal Office of Global Research - Facilitation of retreat focusing on strategic direction and building team capacity.

STRATEGIC PLANNING: Native American Museum - Facilitation of strategic planning retreat for board and staff.

TEAM BUILDING: Symphony Orchestra - Staff development workshop on teamwork using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

TRAINING: State University - Designed and conducted business seminars on managing change, managing conflict, continuous quality improvement, team building, etc.

Other Professional Activities:

Cofounder, Member of Board of Directors, Program Director, Mainewoods Dance Camp, Inc. (1993-present)

Reviewer, Journal of Graduate Medical Education (2010-present)

Business Manager, Mainewoods (International) Dance Camp, Inc. (2002-2005)

Reviewer, Archives of Family Medicine (1993-present)

Reviewer, Family Medicine (1992-present)

Member, Board of Directors, Tri-County Mental Health Services, Lewiston, ME (1990-1994)

Vice President, American Medical Student Association (1977-1978)

Previous Professional Work:

Associate Director, Nemours Center for Medical Leadership, Jacksonville, FL (2004-2006)

Associate Consultant, Maine Center for Educational Services, Lewiston, ME (1991-1996)

Clinical Core Faculty, Maine-Dartmouth Family Practice Residency, Augusta, ME (1984-1989)

Staff Physician, Western Maine Family Practice, Norway, ME (1986-1989)

Medical Director, Bethel Area Health Center, Bethel, ME (1981-1986)

Staff Member, Rural Health Clinic, San Martin Jilotepeque, Guatemala (1977)

Academic Appointments:

Adjunct Professor, American University (2008-present)

Adjunct Associate Professor, American University (1998-2008)

Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Jefferson Medical College (1993-2006)

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Clinical Community and Family Medicine, Dartmouth Medical School (1983-1992)

Board Certification: American Board of Family Practice 1981, 1987.

Professional Memberships:

Association for Psychological Type
Eastern Cooperative Recreation School
National Folk Organization
NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science
Organization Development Network
Royal Scottish Country Dance Society
Society of Teachers of Family Medicine


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