The following articles are downloadable:

Experiential Leadership Training for Pediatric Chief Residents: Impact on Individuals and Organizations. (2nd author) J Grad Med Ed, 2 (2), 300-305.

Ancient Wisdom for Living Fully. Inner Tapestry, 5 (6), 10 (2007).

The Chakra System and Ancient Wisdom Traditions Worldwide. Final paper for Yoga Teacher Certification. Alexandria, VA: Sun and Moon Yoga Studio, 2008.

Passing the Test: Mastering the Hidden Agenda in Client Conversations. (2nd author) Organization Development Journal, 26 (2) (2008), 39-47.

Overcoming Physician Resistance. TypeWorkS, 33, 4 (2000).

The following publications are available for purchase through NTL Institute and most national booksellers:

Self Awareness, by Patricia Day Williams, M.D. In the NTL Guidebook Series: Keys to Group Effectiveness. Alexandria, VA: NTL Institute, 2006.

Section 7.10: Self-Empowerment, Awareness and Choice. In the Reading Book for Human Relations Training (8th ed.). Alexandria, VA: NTL Institute, 1999.

Chapter 3: Managing Professionals. In Ritvo, R., Litwin A., & Butler, L. (Eds.), Managing in the Age of Change. Alexandria, VA: NTL Institute/Irwin Professional Publishing, 1995.

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